Fertilizing & Weed Control

Fertilizing & Weed ControlFour (4) Liquid Applications Of Fertilizer With Injected Weed Control

(Watering required by customer; applied in droplet form using dual hoses to inject weed control into fertilizer mix wherever weeds are present. We do NOT mist spray.)

  • Liquid fertilizer contains 14% Nitrogen (N), 2% Phosphorus (P) and 5% Potassium (K).
  • Weed Control is a post-emergent product (i.e. weeds must already be present) called Par III, which is similar to Killex and contains the following active ingredients: Mecaprop, Dicamba, and trace amounts of 2, 4-D amine.
  • The following are your liquid fertilizer applications: Round 1 (Spring starter),
    Round 2 (Intensifier), Round 3 (Summer Beautifier), Round 4 (Early Fall).

One (1) Granular Application Of Fertilizer

(No watering required; applied using a spreader)

  • Granular fertilizer contains 22% Nitrogen, 0% Phosphorus, 30% Potassium.
  • The granular service is called Round 5 (Winterizer)


Any Residential Lawn Care Program consisting of at least four (4) applications is fully guaranteed and the customer is entitled to unlimited service calls for weed control at no charge during that season.

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