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Your outdoor space should feel like an extension of your home, and a beautifully landscaped property can increase your home’s value. Investing in professional landscaping services is an investment that makes your home more enjoyable, and also pays off when you go to sell your home in the future.

Prices based on lot size 2500 sq. ft. and under in Calgary. Call or email for quotes for larger properties.

Calgary Lawn Care

Lawn Services

(May 13 - Oct 15)

Weekly Cut & Trim in Calgary
(May – Oct) 4 cut min
Bi - Weekly Cut & Trim
(July – October) 3 cut min
DEBRIS REMOVAL $3.50 per bag removed
Holiday Cuts (maintained lawns)
2 cut min
One Time Cuts $75.00/man hr (1 hr min)
$3.50 per bag removed
Lawn Care Service Calgary
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Spring Clean Ups

(April 15 - June 1)

(Power Rake, Cut & Trim, Aeration)
(Aeration, Cut & Trim)
(Power Rake, Cut & Trim)
DEBRIS REMOVAL 2 Bags included
$3.50 per bag removed thereafter
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Fall Clean Ups

(Oct 1 - Nov 30)

Fall Clean Up
(Rake, Cut & Trim & Haul Leaves)
Fall Clean Up & Aeration $194.00
DEBRIS REMOVAL 1 Bag included
$3.50 per bag removed thereafter
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Other Services

Core Aeration (Spring or Fall) $81.50
Minor Tree, Shrub, Hedge pruning
(large tree jobs to quote)
$70.00/man hr (2 hr min)
Bed Maintenance $70.00/man hr (2 hr min)
Hedge Trimming $70.00/man hr (2 hr min)
Calgary Patios & Walkways
Calgary Snow Removal | Outlook Landscapes
Calgary Snow Removal

Snow Services

Hourly Bobcat Service
(forks, buckets)
$140/hour (2 hr min)
Parking Lot Sweeping
(Bucket Sweeper, pick - up broom attachment)
$240/hour (2 hr min)
Gravel/debris disposal $220.00 min. For first 1 yard of debris, $75 per yard after.

For larger properties and other services please use our online ordering system or contact us.

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If you still have questions, you can see our FAQ section which answers common questions about our Calgary Lawn Care, Landscaping and Snow Removal services, or reach out for a custom quote or to order services.

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